As a followup to our story on Bruce Oxley of Nevada and his goal of doing this year’s Fight For Air Climb in Des Moines, we are happy to report that Oxley completed all four buildings in the event: the EMC Insurance Companies (15 floors), Financial Center (22 floors), Hub Tower (16 floors) and Ruan Building (32 floors). Oxley, 59, had a total time of 30:24.

As our previous story shared, Oxley fell from a ladder while holding a running chainsaw in June of 2007. He shattered both heel bones, dislocated both ankles and blew out the natural cushioning of his feet and ankle joints. The first doctors to see him doubted his feet and ankles could be repaired. But, Dr. Jon C. Gehrke, MD, with Des Moines Orthopedic Surgeons, was able to put Oxley on a path to walk again. And walk, and climb, he has! Oxley has participated with Team Walkin’ For Mom to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease and now he’s climbed steps to raise money for people who have lung-related conditions.

According to Larry Juncker, Jr., who organized the stair climb team: Go Up or Throw Up, the team finished in 20th place overall in the “Friends and Family” division, with an average time of 23 minutes, 39 seconds. The first-place team had an average of 15 minutes, 28 seconds. One Go Up or Throw Up team member, Justin Woods, finished with a time of 17:21, which was 121st overall and ninth in the male 35-39 age group.

Way to go, Bruce and teammates!