The Nevada Patriotic Council held their first meeting on Tuesday, March 19. As usual, the attendance was low. Once again we would like to ask for volunteers. The purpose of the Patriotic Council is to plan the Memorial Day observance for the community. Our membership is open to patriotic-minded citizens, and we do need help.

The meeting covered several things to begin planning this year’s observance. One of the most important things decided was how to honor the veterans we have lost in the last year. The Patriotic Council flies the flags of the deceased veteran in the Ave of Flags at both the City Cemetery and the Catholic Cemetery. This is done out of honor and respect for these men and women who served our country, some of them making the supreme sacrifice. That is why we observe Memorial Day each year. In the past, the new flags to be raised at the City Cemetery have been placed at the East gate, as a place of honor. New flags for the Catholic Cemetery were to be placed closest to the gate, again as a place of honor. This year the Patriotic Council has decided to present all new flags to the audience at the observance, as an additional honor. The flags will then be raised along the drive behind the dignitaries. In future years, the individual flags will be included with the other flags in the Avenue of each cemetery. This is one more way to honor these men and women who have served for our freedom. If you have lost a veteran, and his flag is not flying, please contact either Don Kockler, chairman of the Avenue of Flags, or Linda Beem, recording secretary for the Avenue.

Other things discussed at the meeting was the need for someone to volunteer as chief of staff for the processional held on Monday. This requires someone willing to work with drivers of the convertibles for our dignitaries, lining up the processional, making sure the correct street barricades are taken care of and making sure the City Cemetery drive is marked for the processional program participants.

Choosing the honorary parade marshal for the processional, the choice of a chaplain for the services and the choice of a speaker were more things addressed during the meeting. All of these choices have to be followed up by contacting the chosen people, which is once again done by volunteers on the Council.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 18, 7 p.m., at the library. Again, you are invited to attend and help with the preparations for this important observance.