Story County Emergency Management would like to hear from you about the impact to your home or businesses from the recent flooding and flash flooding. Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEMD) has developed an online damage reporting application through Survey123 that can be used on your computer or smart phone. The information collected is shared with Story County Emergency Management to understand the scope and scale of damages in Story County. Reporting damages is not a guarantee of financial or other assistance from the State or FEMA.

Survey 123 Damage Reporting Application —

“Damages from flooding events are not always obvious until we see carpet and drywall piled next to the curb. The Survey123 Damage Reporting application can give us a countywide picture and may bring damages to our attention that we did not know were there,” Emergency Management Coordinator Keith Morgan, explained. “The Survey123 reporting application can provide a rapid countywide initial assessment of damages and target resource needs of individuals during a disaster or emergency.”

Even if damages do not reach the level of assistance from the State or FEMA, the information collected can be used by communities to assess future mitigation projects to reduce the impact of future disasters on the community or neighborhoods.