The Nevada School Board heard from representatives of the student body about improving their experience at school Monday evening. Students from both the middle and high school relayed to the board how their efforts are Raising Student Voice Participation (RSVP).

After students are approved to serve as RSVP leaders, they visit their fellow students during seminar time to gather feedback. Students are encouraged to tell leaders what they like, as well as what they think could be improved throughout the district.

Just a few of the things that students have improved so far include replacing sports team uniforms, improving à la carte options at lunch, opening the courtyard to high school students during lunch and changing the rule that states a white T-shirt is the only shirt that can be worn during P.E. classes. Funds for the RSVP program are raised through a student-operated vending machine selling snacks and drinks to students in the middle and high school.

Changes must be approved through the appropriate administration, but thus far, both students and educators agree that RSVP has been a great collaboration between them and has shown that the two groups can work together to improve conditions throughout the district.

The board also approved West Marshall’s inclusion into the Heart of Iowa Conference after the school accepted the conference’s invitation to join. West Marshall is expected to participate in the conference in most extracurricular activities beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year, with the exceptions of soccer, swimming and bowling (WM shares with Baxter, Colo-NESCO and Collins-Maxwell for soccer, and participates with Marshalltown for swimming and bowling). West Marshall will conform to the conference’s activity fee prices for HOIC events.

The next board meeting will be held March 25 at 6:30 at the NCSD District Office.