In a second park matter Monday evening, the Nevada City Council voted unanimously to accept a recommendation from the Nevada Nice group to name the park right outside of City Hall, the Lincoln-Jefferson Highways Heritage Park.

Nevada Nice representative Stephanie Badger made a presentation to the council preceding the vote about why the Nevada Nice group is supportive of the new name.

“Our goal is to make Nevada great again…to preserve some history and to think about people wanting to come here because of the history of these highways going through town,” she said of the two great highways, the Lincoln Highway and Jefferson Highway, which at one time converged as they went through Nevada.

The little park in front of City Hall was originally supposed to be called the Clock Tower Center, but since a clock tower was never erected, most have simply called it the City Hall campus park.

Badger said it is the hope of those in favor of the Lincoln-Jefferson Highways Heritage Park name that it will be an attractive park for various groups that will travel and make pilgrimages along these historic routes.

The Nevada Nice betterment group has also talked about doing several projects in conjunction with naming the park. Badger said they want to partner with the schools’ annual service day, and with permission of both highway associations to use their logos, paint poles denoting both highways along the highway through town.

Another thing they’d eventually like to see is two signs at the east and west edges of Nevada that pay tribute to the two highways, along with a “selfie station,” or kiosk of some sort that could be located along the highway, where people could stop for more information and to take pictures with some type of structure, as a way to note that they were in Nevada.

In other business:

• Mayor Brett Barker, with two members of the street department present, thanked the department for its snow removal efforts and noted that on Monday, he felt the downtown was the best it’s ever looked for snow removal. Jeremy Rydl, street superintendent, said “We’re just happy to plow your snow.” And Rydl also shared with the Journal that this past weekend’s storm created a lot of work for the street department. One plow driver spent an entire day going from the far edge of Nevada along Lincoln Highway (in front of the ethanol plants) and back to the intersection of Airport Road and Highway 30, as that area continually drifted shut during the day Sunday. He also noted that about six vehicles, including a tow truck, were stranded along Airport Road very early Sunday morning and had to be eventually dug out. For those who wonder what the best route into or out of Nevada is during a blizzard, street department worker Mike Ackerman had the answer: “Sixth Street,” because it’s more protected from high winds.

• Councilman Jason Sampson noted that plans are moving forward with the Lincoln Highway Days Committee on moving the celebration back to the fairgrounds. This was good news, according to Brian Hanson, who has been at rodeo planning meetings, and said the rodeo group is very excited that the entire celebration is going to move back to the fairgrounds area. Both agreed that more volunteers are needed for the celebration and to help with things like parking during the celebration.