Monday’s meeting began with elementary students, third grade teacher Randi Pool and third/fourth grade teacher Amanda Myers describing Central Elementary Cub Pride. Students selected the semester before, through an interview process, produced short videos featuring other students discussing what they were proud of that week. Two students are selected per week, and what students are proud of ranges from cleaning their room to helping their parents with chores or going out of their way to help a peer.

Students who produce the videos make a time commitment of missing their regular lunch and recess Tuesday through Friday. Students so far say they are learning valuable skills, such as flexibility, when working with others’ schedules; problem solving and professionalism, as well as learning to harness technology.

Like many conversations this winter, the board’s attention turned to the weather and the subsequent hours of instruction missed this school year. Monday, the Nevada school board approved a staff recommendation that the academic calendar not extend past June 7. As of Monday’s meeting, the district’s last day will be June 5.

The following was sent out to Nevada parents and students Monday night: Should additional cancellations reach a level that project the District below the state requirement of instructional hours, the District would look to cancel professional development and turn whatever necessary late-start Mondays into full days to maintain June 7 as the final day. The decision to not go beyond June 7 was based on already scheduled events for the summer, such as graduate courses for teachers and summer activities for students.

In other news, the board approved its current sharing agreements with neighboring Colo-NESCO for technology services, transportation director, curriculum director and librarian. These sharing agreements were approved by the Colo-NESCO board last week. The board also approved a calendar for the 2019-2020 school year, with the first day taking place Aug. 23.

The next board meeting will be March 11, 6:30 p.m., at the Nevada Middle School.