North Central District FFA State Degree review committees met at Nevada High School on Wednesday, Feb. 13. Nevada FFA had a record number of six students approved for the Iowa FFA degree - Samantha Black, Jay Calentine, Tyler Hansen, Megan Mumm, Noah Nusbaum and Kaitlin Wegner. The students’ applications included copies of all Supervised Ag Experience records, including a minimum of $1,500 earned or invested. Other requirements included participation in both local and above chapter level leadership activities. Degree applicants also had to show documentation of at least 25 community service hours. In addition, other requirements included learning outcomes, efficiency factors, explanations of problem solving and growth.

Nevada FFA invested in purchasing Ag Experience Tracker or AET in November of 2018 to provide students with an improved form of record keeping. Students can access their SAE records online at any time to enter data. AET includes an application for smart phone usage also. “AET really put wheels on our students’ record keeping!” stated Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School agriculture education instructor and FFA advisor. AET also allows Cooper quick access to student records for grading, and student improvement. Parents and employers may also be provided with access to the student’s SAE on AET for feedback, or information input.