The Nevada school board began its Jan. 28 meeting hearing from the district’s Technology Integration Specialist Carrie Hillman about “Climb the Mountain” professional development for Nevada teachers. Hillman noted that each teacher focuses on areas in which they can improve, then narrows this area to an interest on which they can potentially provide a presentation to their colleagues or at a presentation outside the district. The example Hillman gave was that Jennifer Wessels recently completed an Executive Functions program to become a mentor and reach the summit of this part of her profession. Hillman mentioned that 10-15 teachers reach their own summit each year.

Hillman also gave a brief overview of the Seesaw program. This program allows students to keep a portfolio of work from an early age, and once approved by a teacher, their work can be sent to a parent. This program encourages students to not only see their growth, but also allows parents to see the growth in their child(ren)’s portfolio as well. In addition, the program encourages parents and students to have a conversation about the work.

In other news, the board approved new turf and padding for the district’s batting cages. The installation will be performed by Iowa Cubs Turf Management at $11,625. Also, a motion to raise the attendance fees from $3 to $5 was voted down.

The next Nevada school board meeting will be held Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m.