The Center has been closed several days during the last two weeks because of severe weather, but we are hoping it will be warmer by Feb. 4 for our special “coffee time” program. Jeanie Stephens and her dad Kaare Mehl will be coming from Story City to tell us about their in-home bakery, J & K Lefsa & More.

After Kaare retired, for the second time, he decided to follow his dream of opening a bakery which would protect the heritage of the traditional Norwegian baked goods. Jeanie said she was on board with the idea immediately and treasurers the time she gets to spend with her dad. They will tell us about their specialty, potato lefsa rolled with butter and sugar, and will explain to us the difference between hard lefsa and soft lefsa. They will be bringing several other treats for us to sample so I hope you will join us at 2 p.m. on Feb. 4.