It may sound different, but funding an adoption is what led one Zearing baker to start her business, Patty’s Pastries.

Patty Koester, who was born in Spirit Lake, grew up in Wisconsin and who has lived in Zearing for a year, started her home-based bakery business back in March.

“I didn’t have to do too much (to prepare at home to have a business),” she said, “but I did have an inspection with the state to get licensed.” Also, she added, “I did increase my equipment, such as having two freezers and two refrigerators, and currently I am expanding again to have two ovens.”

Koester, 35, and her husband Adam, pastor of Zearing Christian Church, have two biological children, Grace Koester, 6, and Sadie, 1. But as people of strong faith, she and her husband have had a “heart for adoption” for a while now. “We feel this is the time to open our home (to a child in need of a home), so I started this business to fund it,” she said. “Once our adoption is complete, I hope to use the funds for other adoptions or other ministries as God leads us.”

Koester is a full-time mom and the full-time baker for her business. A few years ago, after getting married, she discovered that she really enjoyed baking.

“God had given me some talent for it,” said Koester, who used to enjoy giving baked goods to others in her circle, like co-workers, family, friends and church friends. “It was just this past year that I thought maybe I could do this as a business.”

She was one of a number of in-home bakers and food enthusiasts who were showing and selling their “crafts” at the recent ABWA Craft Fair in Nevada. At the craft fair, Koester had, among other things, a number of pies for sale.

Pies are one of the things she feels she does best. “I get the most feedback from my cinnamon roll/sticky buns and pies.”

But those aren’t the only things she bakes. She also makes cookies, rolls, breads, cupcakes, round cakes, Danishes and cheesecakes.

“I have been hired for birthday parties and university events,” she said, and she’s made her baked goods for the farmers’ market, holidays and to be given as gifts, too.

People can pre-order anything from her menu, which can be found at: or on Facebook: Patty’s Pastries.

She took orders for the recent Thanksgiving holiday and is taking orders for Christmas and New Year’s until Dec. 22.

Her personal favorite holiday treat is the frosted sugar cookie. She’ll make and eat them “really any time of year,” she said with a smile. And does she bake for her family as much as she does for her customers? “My husband jokingly complains that he never gets the good stuff, so yes, I am lacking in making treats all the time for my family.”

Since her main reason for working so hard at her business is to fund an adoption, she said the thing she enjoys most about running this bakery is “all the people I have met and stories I have heard about their connection with adoption.”

Something area residents can watch for and look forward to, Koester announces, is that she and her husband recently purchased a food truck, and when the weather gets better, they’ll be running that business. “So look out for us at fairs, the farmers’ market and more,” she said.

The food truck, which will be called Koester’s Kitchen, will offer pancakes/sausage/biscuits and gravy, along with breakfast rolls in the morning, and beef burgers and pie and ice cream at later times of the day.

No matter what she’s doing, whether it’s baking for her bakery or helping with the food truck, Koester gives all the glory for her ability to bake to God.

“I want to give God praise for giving me talents in this area, and for all the people who have been so generous to order from me and give us an opportunity to open our home to a child.”