During parent-teacher conferences last week in Nevada, YSS Prevention of Story and Boone counties offered parents, teachers and other interested adults the opportunity to experience an “In Plain Sight” display.

The display included a “teen bedroom” area that showed how teens might have drugs or drug paraphernalia in their possession in ways that parents might not recognize. No pictures were allowed to be taken of the bedroom part of the display, as that area is not shared with teens for fear of giving them ideas. It was visible and available only to adults who came through the display, and its purpose was to educate them about the dangerous items that may be lurking in their home ‘in plain sight.”

Those helping at the display said they go to schools and places where parents will be to create awareness. They say parents are often amazed to discover what some things they might see in their kids’ rooms actually are, in terms of being harmful. Displayed alongside a drug chart were normal household products that can be used as harmful substances. Also shown was how easy it is for young people to order just about anything they want online.

For more information about how to be an empowered parent when it comes to drugs and substance abuse, visit the website: powertotheparent.org.