Last week, Red Ribbon Week was celebrated at Nevada Middle School. The awareness of living a drug- and alcohol-free life was led by a group of sixth-grade students (from left) Lily Henderson, Allison Dittmer, Allyson Anderson, Lilly Garland and Jackson Burlage. These students worked together to research the effects drugs and alcohol have on teenagers. They did this work during their Life Skills, exploratory class. They wanted their classmates to be aware of the risks, so they shared special announcements over the school intercom each day, hung red ribbons on lockers and in other places throughout the school, and encouraged staff and students to wear red on Friday. Ashley Brogie, Nevada sixth-grade teacher, said, “I am so proud of the hard work and dedication these students put into their project. They showed concern for this ongoing issue and worked together to make a change.” Photo Contributed