Dorian Myhre and Martha Deyoe, on behalf of the Nevada Historical Society, are ready to start releasing biographies that they have been working on since 2013 about Nevada’s first 39 mayors.

The end goal is to create a display of Nevada’s mayors that will hang at Nevada City Hall.

Before they begin putting up the display, Myhre said, they want to obtain more photographs.

Starting next week, the Nevada Journal will begin running the written biographies and noting which have photos and which do not. Myhre is hoping to find more mayors’ photographs as people read these biographies and think about whether they may have one of the photos still needed.

“I am turning to the Journal, hoping a reader might have a photo of one of our past mayors which we are missing,” Myhre said.

The project started after Myhre saw a display of mayors in Ames City Hall. “I thought, we need to do this,” she said.

What she hadn’t counted on was the fact that Nevada is much older than Ames, and originally mayoral terms were only one year. “So, when I went through the records at City Hall, I soon realized this was a much bigger undertaking than I had originally thought.”

Myhre and Deyoe began by going to Nevada City Hall and compiling a list of all the town’s mayors.

“From there, we went to the Nevada Public Library and pulled each obituary from [the library’s] catalog that we could find,” Myhre said. There was a lot of research involved, Myhre noted.

“I have biographies of 39 mayors, starting with Judge George Albert Kellogg, who served two non-consecutive terms, the first term being November 1869 through 1870, and ending with Jim Christy, who served the 75th term from August 1993 through 1997,” Myhre said.

Right now, each biography is printed on an 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheet of paper, and for the mayors with photos, that photo appears with the biography.

“We hope to frame each of the 39 write-ups and display them at City Hall,” she said.

They are looking for photographs of the following 17 mayors: Edwin Brown Potter, Jesse Hale Talbott, Daniel H. McCord, “Major” James Hawthorn, Elbridge Dwight Fenn, Hugh M. Funson, Franklin Dewey Thompson, William Gates, Theodore Plaskitt Worsley, Arthur Phelan Dean, Charles Henry Hall, Clarence Albert Batman, Charles Frances “Woody” Wilson, Charles Willis Smith, Orson Raymond Shaffer and Clifford W. Padellford.

In addition, they would like a better picture of Burnell “Hugo” Hagen.

The Journal will begin printing biographies of the mayors next week, and doing however many we can fit in each week. As you enjoy reading each one, contact the Nevada Journal — by email:; by Facebook messenger to our page; or by calling Editor Marlys Barker: 515-290-1738 — if you have one of the pictures that Myhre and Deyoe are looking for. The Journal will pass that word along.