#EatHealthy #schoollunch #collaborate #afterschool #watermelon are just a few of the social media hashtags Nevada High School ag ed and FFA have used to inform and promote this year’s watermelon program.

Watermelons seedlings were started in the greenhouse in mid April with Andy and Mirasol Swanson. All of the watermelon seeds were donated by Holub Greenhouse in Ames. Then the seedlings were planted at the Swanson farm in May. In late August, some of the watermelons were ready to be harvested. Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School ag ed instructor, and students harvested the watermelons several times and brought them to the school for the lunch program. Many students took watermelons home to enjoy with their family. Varieties included Sangria, seedless yellow and seedless red personal-sized melons.

“This is a great collaboration we have with Swanson Farms — it has saved the school thousands of dollars in produce cost!” stated Cooper. “Learning to collaborate and engage the community is probably the most valuable lessons” added Cooper.