Thanks to $1.8 million raised, it will be built on Columbus Drive near the thrift store.

Construction is now underway on Columbus Drive to establish a new headquarters for Burlington's Salvation Army.

The organization's current location on South Third Street will be put up for sale, said Lt. Dennis Jolly, Corps Officer at the Salvation Army, but the thrift store will remain.

Once constructed, the new Corps Community Center will be located at 216 Columbus Drive, near the existing store.

The facility will be equipped with a modern kitchen, larger food pantry, fellowship hall and chapel. Daily lunches will continue in the fellowship hall and church services will be held every Sunday in the chapel.

"With this new building we will be equipped to effectively meet the needs of the community and also expand our available programming," said Jolly, in a press release about the construction, which began Monday.

Klinger Associates assisted in the building's design and Myers Construction will build it.

To get the project off the ground, $1.8 million was raised by the Burlington community to help build the new Salvation Army Community Center.

With the larger facility, Jolly said he intended to expand their Pathway of Hope program for families, the women's ministry, outdoor activities for youth and adult programming.

A completion date for the new building has yet to be established, Jolly said.