On Friday, Sept. 28, the Colo-NESCO elementary gave out T-shirts to all of the students, which have the school’s vision statement “Working, Learning, Growing” printed on the front.

The shirts are part of the ongoing work of Colo-NESCO’s staff to build its learning community in the elementary building, with a common theme that defines the school’s daily work. The shirts were designed by third-grade teacher, Todd Crow, and funded by the Colo-NESCO Booster Club.

The vision statement — “Working, Learning, Growing” — was developed by the Colo-NESCO staff with the purpose of making a statement that is easy for everyone to remember, yet powerful enough to guide the work of all students and staff. In addition, elementary students and staff all participated in a morning meeting in the gym on Monday and Friday.

On Mondays, students are presented with a model for a social skill goal for the week, such as how to greet someone, and then during the week, students practice the skill. On Fridays, students are recognized for their efforts and students who showed outstanding growth in the area for the week are recognized as “Student of the Week.” Those meetings always end with the entire school saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Colo-NESCO will continue to build its school community throughout the year through various school activities that not only involve the students and staff, but the community as well. Photo Contributed