Is it YOU?

The Nevada Community Historical Society is seeking board members and needs residents to step forward.

Every decision the board of directors makes reflects what we understand that you — the community — would want. This search for board members is a chance to find people who care about the history of Nevada, who will help preserve the properties and artifacts.

Selection and voting of new board members is decided at our annual meeting on Oct. 7. Currently, we are in need of four members. Anyone interested in serving is encouraged to contact a current member to nominate yourself. If you think of someone you know who would consider serving, contact them to call one of us.

Our board is made up of 11 members. We meet monthly and serve for two years. We expect the member to also help and attend our events. Currently, we have a need for people who may have skills and interest in the following areas:

• Marketing/public relations

• Fundraising

• Building maintenance

• Technology

We always accept people who are willing to serve — with any interest and skill, and you do not have to be a resident of Nevada.

Contact us by Oct. 1 if you want to be on the list of candidates. Call Maxine at 382-6703.