Both major discussions in Colo Monday night revolved around the future of the Colo-NESCO school district – one centered around the upcoming activities at the elementary level and the other involved a preliminary meeting with an architect for a future bond issue to upgrade the district’s facilities.

Several teachers from the elementary school in Zearing presented ‘Working Learning Growing’ – the school’s vision statement for the year. The simplicity of the statement, which will be printed on gray T-shirts and given to every student through a donation from the district’s booster club, is designed so that students, as well as staff, can remember and hopefully adhere to the slogan. The T-shirt design also incorporates puzzle pieces and was created by third grade teacher Todd Crow.

For the coming school year, elementary teachers and staff will hold assemblies of the entire elementary school. During Monday assemblies, teachers will encourage positive behavior from their students, emphasizing social aspects such as greeting someone in the hall or practicing good sportsmanship. During Friday assemblies, students will learn how they performed that week and recognize students who performed well.

The other major item discussed involved the architectural firm ISG. The firm, which recently purchased the former StruXture and absorbed its employees, gave a presentation of their successful Winterset bond campaign. The firm produced an animated video, which showed both a bird’s-eye and street-level view of the new school grounds. Those representing the firm also noted that among their employees they have experts in not only passing bond issues for schools, but also in maintenance of facilities, as well as having a former superintendent on staff. Like Colo-NESCO’s last proposed bond, Winterset residents tax levies were not raised after their bond passed and residents there had voted previous bonds down.

After some board members relayed feedback they had received on why some in the community voted ‘no’ during the last bond issue, ISG representatives offered that if hired, they would do their best to communicate to the public the need for improvements and any benefits they would provide throughout the district, and be available to answer any questions or concerns raised by the community. The board is considering ISG and possibly other architectural firms for a potential bond issue.

In other news, the board approved the purchase of a new snowplow, new power equipment for one truck and access to the Government Deals Inc. website, which buys and sells surplus items from schools. Local residents may still purchase items the district is selling through the site. The board approved a part-time position for a preschool teacher, but as yet has no one to fill the position.

During board member comments, Vice President Jon Cutler mentioned that their hearts go out to the family of Denny Backous. Backous was instrumental in growing Colo’s soccer program and was a public announcer at Colo-NESCO basketball games.

The next Colo-NESCO board of education meeting will be held Sept. 17, 6:30 p.m., at the Colo Junior/Senior High School building.