The Nevada Community Historical Society will be celebrating Lincoln Highway Days by having the History Center, at 624 J Ave., open from 1 to 4 p.m. Members will be selling a few items that are duplicates of things we already have, or do not have a Nevada/Story County connection, at a silent auction. You can see those items and bid at the History Center. We will also have a table in the vendors’ area, selling historical Lincoln Highway Days memorabilia, note cards and other replica buildings, including the most recent replica of the Scudder’s building. The replica buildings are approximately 4 inches tall by 5 inches wide, ¾ inch thick and feature buildings here in Nevada.

Scudder’s (formerly Ringheim & Ringheim, currently Gatherings) 1022-1024 Sixth St., Nevada.

Built in 1885 by Zwilling and Hawthorn, it was purchased by Hannah and Emily Ringheim in 1898, and with their brother, Andrew, they sold dry goods and clothing.

Henry Scudder purchased the building in 1950 and opened Scudder’s Department Store. Henry and Pat ran the junior department store with a philosophy of “the customer is always right and comes first.” Their daughter, Francy, took over the store in 1984 until it closed in 1995.

The building later housed JulieAnn’s Gifts and later, caterer Evie Peterson opened Gatherings.

Some of the items on the silent auction are as follows: a framed picture of Joseph Story, a Supreme Court justice for whom Story County is named; a “seal-skin” lady’s overcoat; plates, including some that picture buildings like the old 1876 Courthouse, the Hotel Roosevelt in Cedar Rapids, the Bicentennial Plate and others; books, including two by Letha Ledbetter; and four of the building replicas of which we only have one each, The Nevada Library, the old Central Elementary, the Sanitarium and the 1876 Courthouse; and other items.

Historical Society member and former board member, Henry Corbin, has been refurbishing the Newton farm wagon as seen at Evergreen Lane. Henry had it done enough to show at the Story County Youth Fair and won a purple ribbon for his efforts. Look for the completed wagon at the Iowa State Fair with the FFA exhibits near the Jacobson Building.