You may have seen a video promotion already, but if not, let this be your official notice that a really cool fundraiser is driving its way toward the Maxwell Old Settlers celebration this weekend.

Is there a Ford vehicle you’ve been itching to drive? Or maybe you’ve never driven a Ford and would like to see how they run?

Thanks to Ames Ford Lincoln and the Collins-Maxwell Athletic Boosters, you can find that opportunity at this year’s Old Settlers in Maxwell.

Athletic Booster Tara Huntrods’ sister works for a Ford dealership in Minnesota and told Huntrods about Ford’s “Test Drive 4 UR Community” campaign.

“I called Ames Ford Lincoln and they were happy to work with us and were willing to support the Collins-Maxwell Athletic Boosters.” said Huntrods. Ames Ford and the C-M Boosters see it as a great opportunity that benefits them both — Ames Ford with exposure and the Boosters with raising needed funds to support athletics in the district.

“Ames Ford Lincoln has been very supportive, helpful and enthusiastic in helping our club with this opportunity. They are planning to bring 11 vehicles to Old Settlers to showcase and for people to test drive,” Huntrods said.

Nick Johnson, general manager of Ames Ford Lincoln, said the business is very excited to come to Maxwell. “We’ve done quite a few of these (fundraisers) here (in Ames),” he said. “They’re really fun events and it’s a neat fundraiser in that people are able to drive a brand new Ford of their choice.”

Among the vehicles that are coming to Maxwell will be a new Mustang, “everybody’s favorite sports car,” Johnson said. Also, they will offer the entire SUV lineup, including Ford’s new EcoSport, “an all-new vehicle compact SUV that’s very fun to drive,” Johnson said. “We’ll also have several pickups, F-150s and other super duty pickup trucks.”

The Ford driving booth will be set up just in front of the Story County Freedom Rock at the northeast corner of the park. The booth will be open on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ames Ford Lincoln will pay the C-M Boosters $20 for each test drive that someone takes in a vehicle. Johnson said most of these fundraisers can bring in up to $6,000 in funds, but the Collins-Maxwell one, due to Ames Ford Lincoln Matching the first 100 drives, has the potential to bring in up to $8,000 if enough people participate.

Both adults and students will help with the Ford booth, working one hour shifts. School leaders also plan to attend and drive a vehicle and hang around to visit with the community members. “We do have athletes signed up to help, and hopefully our softball girls (state champions) will make an appearance,” Huntrods said.

Those who want to test drive a Ford must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license. Johnson said multiple Ames Ford Lincoln sales representatives will be on hand to help with questions and go on the test drives — on a short, approximately 10-minute route around town — with the drivers.

The best part of about it, along with raising the funds to support Collins-Maxwell, is that everyone gets to pick the vehicle they want to drive.

“We’re excited to partner with the Collins-Maxwell Athletic boosters and we hope it’s a huge success,” Johnson said.