Farmers and Nevada residents who are interested in rural issues are invited to attend a coffee and donuts open office hours session, hosted by the Center for Rural Affairs and Iowa Farmers Union.

The free event is scheduled for Monday, July 23, 9:30 to 11 a.m., in the Center office at 1400 Fawcett Pkwy., Suite D2, in Nevada.

Katie Rock, Anna Johnson and Lacie Dotterweich, the organization’s staff that is based in Nevada, and Deb Bunka, of the Iowa Farmers Union, encourage attendees to chat with them about agriculture, the farm bill, water quality, energy, policy and other rural issues.

“The Center for Rural Affairs is proud to have a long track record of work on issues intrinsic to the structure of agriculture,” said Anna Johnson, senior policy program associate. “Our guiding principle is that consolidation in agriculture has undermined rural towns across the Midwest, and public policies that subsidize consolidation do not belong on the books. Strong and real limits on the amount of government payments that individual operations can access is fundamental to fostering fairness in agriculture.”

“We all have a role to play, which needs to start with bigger and tougher conversations, especially with those vying for our votes, if we are going to make a difference,” said Katie Rock, policy associate. “Leadership is still necessary on water quality, and voters should remember that this fall.”

Refreshments will be provided.