Aubrey Nitch, 18, has started a GoFundMe page to try to raise money to pursue her dream.

She’s been interested in modeling since the age of 9. That’s when she said, “I want to model.”

The closest thing she first came to in pursuit of that dream was pageants. “I competed in a handful of pageants through the Miss Iowa Organization in 2017 and 2018,” she said.

Now she wants to compete in another, Oct. 18-21, at Loews Hotel in Los Angeles.

“It is for upcoming models. There will be 20-plus agents and casting directors looking to sign on new models (at the event),” she said.

If she could raise $600, she could make the trip happen. If people donate, and she doesn’t reach her goal or doesn’t end up going, “the money will be returned, of course,” she said.

Right now, her future plans are to attend Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids and keep working to put herself through school. But she isn’t going to give up on the modeling dream. She wants to continue competing in pageants and hoping for something big.

She herself is working and saving some of her own money to try to make the trip happen this coming fall. “It will be a tight few months, but it will all be worth it,” she said. Especially if she ends up getting to go.

People can go to Nitch’s personal Facebook page to find a link to her GoFundMe page if they’d like to donate to her ambitious dream.

“My parents are just really proud of me for chasing this crazy dream, they tell me all the time…they are super supportive. They are also amazing at letting me be my own person and make my own decisions,” said Fitch, who graduated this past May from Nevada High School.

“If this show doesn’t work out, there are always other shows and opportunities,” she said. “I will continue working on getting my bachelor’s degree in business and navigate my way through this crazy life I have.”