The Colo-NESCO board of education began Monday’s meeting hearing about a potential way to improve the district’s security regarding visitors. If approved, the system prints badges from a potential visitor’s identification for display while the visitor is on the premises. This will be in addition to the background checks already performed on any potential hires and volunteers. Business Manager and Board Secretary Lisa Waddell felt that this would be an improvement in the consistency of the district’s security, as every visitor would be checked against national sex offender registries, and many board members felt the same way.

In facility news, the board approved new carpet for the fifth- and sixth-grade classrooms, a new dishwasher and new boiler for the Colo building, and new construction on concession stand bathrooms. The board also approved milk from Anderson Erickson for next school year and fuel to be provided by FS. The district also approved $75,000 toward paying off loans for two buses.

The board approved a bid from AssetWorks to perform an inventory of all the various assets throughout the district, not only because auditors request it, but because an inventory is often useful for insurance in case of a catastrophic event.

Finally, Vice President Jon Cutler thanked outgoing Superintendent Dr. Steve Gray for his service to the district over the last two and a half years. Gray will continue to serve as the Superintendent at the Nevada School District.

“We’ll continue to be good neighbors and good partners,” said Gray.