Reiman Gardens will be hosting the opening weekend of their spring sculpture exhibit, Wind, Waves & Light, on April 28-29. The exhibit includes 13 movement-themed sculptures created by artist George Sherwood, and will be on display through Nov. 3.

Reiman Gardens’ Communications Coordinator Maria Teply says, “These kinetic sculptures are truly mesmerizing to watch and fun for everyone from kids and families, to college students, to retirees.”

American sculptor George Sherwood explores aesthetic systems of time, space and the dynamic relationships of objects in motion. Each piece is choreographed by a set of motions enabled by an arrangement of aerodynamic surfaces connected by rotational points, according to Sherwood’s website.

Admission is free for Reiman Gardens’ members and Iowa State students to explore what the exhibit has to offer. Price of admission for the general public. Opening weekend of the exhibit is from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Reiman Gardens strives to bring well-known artists to the state of Iowa and to inspire local artists in their own works. We invite all to see Sherwood’s exhibit, as well as the rest of our Gardens all summer long.