The Nevada Economic Development Council has completed the search for the next executive director after the retirement of long-time director, LaVon Schiltz. The NEDC board has chosen to contract the duties of the NEDC executive director with the Ames Economic Development Commission (AEDC). Nevada resident and AEDC employee, John Hall, has assumed the duties and responsibilities for the NEDC as of April 1.

“The NEDC board evaluated several options during the selection for the next executive director and believed that contracting with the AEDC would provide the best services for our existing membership and the future growth of our community,” said NEDC President Patrick Sheets, “The added resources for our members include developing workforce retention and enhancement strategies; conducting an annual business retention and expansion survey; increased marketing services and additional administrative staff to serve the Nevada businesses in the future.”

The decision to contract out the services will not change the responsibilities and leadership of the NEDC board of directors. The NEDC board will remain in place and continue to operate according to the by-laws and make decisions on any assets of the organization. The board will have some additional duties in the appointment of a representative to the AEDC board of directors as they become more involved on a regional economic development level.

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