The League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County is delighted to announce that the winners of the second annual Making Democracy Work Award are a married couple, Wayne and Edna Clinton. Together, they have fulfilled all the criteria for this award in many and varied ways over their more than 40 years in Story County.

One of the nominators put it very well that they together have unmatched contributions to:

· Leading efforts to introduce public policy that promotes fairness, equality and diversity

· Demonstrating advocacy for youth, or the disenfranchised to become more involved in democracy

· Edna has served as president of the local Chapter of the NAACP

· Wayne taught and coached basketball at Ames High for decades

· Wayne also served as a Story County Supervisor for 16 years

Sand wins Chapman Catt award

The Carrie Chapman Catt Award winner has also been selected and the successful nominee is Mary Sand. Mary has been active on the LWV board for several years, beginning with Publicity in 2013 and the past three years as Voter Services chair.

Mary projects a deceptively quiet persona, but, in fact, her work to combat injustice and unfairness is tireless and unyielding and has made a difference from local community efforts to global justice issues.

She does all of this with no wish to be in the forefront, no wish for recognition or attention; she just quietly and always efficiently “gets it done.”

Both awards will be formally presented at the LWV Annual Brunch Meeting on April 14 at Gateway Event Center.

This brunch meeting is open to public and cost is $20 per person. If anyone is interested in attending, please email: by April 4.