State Auditor Mary Mosiman, CPA, announced her plans to run for reelection, as she filed the necessary paperwork at the Secretary of State’s Office.

Auditor Mosiman has been serving as Iowa’s State Auditor since May of 2013. Mosiman was elected to a four-year term in 2014, becoming the first female elected State Auditor in Iowa history. Mosiman is a graduate of Iowa State University and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Auditor Mosiman listed several accomplishments during her first term in office, including:

• Issuing over 1,000 financial audit reports, several performance reports which enhance operations in various state agencies, and nearly 100 investigative reports which identified well over $10 million of waste, fraud and abuse in state and local governments

• Successfully implementing a City Examination law which, for the first time, brought fiscal oversight to Iowa’s smallest cities

• Increasing efficiencies at the State Auditor’s Office by implementing electronic workpapers

• Implementing an initiative to reduce fraud by educating elected officials through YouTube videos

Auditor Mosiman cited her qualifications as a CPA and 15 years of government finance experience as keys to her numerous successes during her first term in office, along with her hands-on approach with the audit process. Mosiman said, “My office is one of the largest CPA firms in Iowa. Without a CPA at the head of this important office, the State Auditor’s office would lose its status as a CPA firm. That would have a devastating impact on services governments – and Iowans – count on.” Mosiman noted a CPA has led the State Auditor’s Office for nearly 40 years.

Mosiman said her goals for another term as State Auditor include continuing to combat fraud by issuing investigative reports, preventing fraud before it happens through educational and other initiatives and working with State agencies to find efficiencies in Medicaid and education programs.

Mosiman said, “I’m dedicated to serving all Iowans as your State Auditor. After all, tax dollars aren’t red for Republican, or blue for Democrat. Tax dollars are green, and they impact everyone. “Our unofficial office motto is, ‘In God We Trust…Everyone Else We Audit.’”

Mosiman added, “I commit to you I will do my professional best every day for all Iowans.”