Shane Heintz of Nevada was the first person to bring an issue during the public forum to the council this year.

On Monday, Heintz was looking for answers, he said, about why he doesn’t get the same benefit of being treated right by Nevada Police as other residents do.

Heintz said at the end of February, someone came into his laundromat, Squeaky Clean, at 1325 Sixth St., and cut up a table. Heintz said he called the police, and they came and watched the video. They recognized a person on the video and talked to that person.

“At this point, no charges have been filed,” Heintz said, and he said the police department has informed him that he needs to take the matter up in civil court. “This isn’t the first time something like this” has happened to him, Heintz said. He also said that the previous city administrator told him that he and his wife live by a completely different set of rules than the rest of the people.

Director of Public Safety Ric Martinez said it was his understanding that Heintz initially spoke with the party that caused the damage and that this person was going to pay him rather than filing charges. He said that takes it out of the police’s hands and makes it a civil matter.

Heintz said that is not what happened. Heintz said he offered — if the kid wanted to replace the table, he’d allow that and let it go. But he said, he’s had no luck getting that to happen, and he had said if that didn’t happen, then he wanted to file charges. Furthermore, he said he’d tried to contact the police three times now and no calls have been returned to him.

“I never entered into an agreement,” he said. “It’s my fault for trying to be a nice guy, I guess.”

City Administrator Matt Mardesen said when Heintz made the offer that the person could work this out with him, then it made the situation a civil matter at that point. Unfortunately City Attorney Erin Clanton could not be at Monday’s meeting. Mardesen said he will get a clarification from the city attorney about the matter.

Also happening on Monday:

• Both the fiscal year 2018/19 budget and the fiscal year 2018/19 capital improvement plan were approved with no comments from the public.

• Two parties, the Nevada Historical Society and the Ambroses, had requested reductions in water bills following unknown leaks. The council agreed to reduce the sewer portion of those bills, knowing that water didn’t go through the sewer treatment process.

• The council approved moving into the design phase for the recreation center and incurring expense to do that. Before a final go-ahead for the project happens, the city will hold a public forum to go over the design plans and the financial plans for the project. Mardesen said he’d have a better idea about a time line for all of this in about a month.

• Mardesen said that city officials had met with Iowa State University officials about the BECON Center (located in the west industrial park). The meeting was about who will be in charge of it and what they’re going to do with it. Mardesen said it was a positive meeting. He said ISU is still mulling over whether or not they’re going to sell the property, which had been a research center.

• Mardesen shared that he spent last week at a mediation training event that offered a very “intense” training experience. He said he received a lot of good information on dispute management, which should help him in his position with the city.

• Tim Hansen, Nevada Parks and Recreation director, said he had been working with the city engineer to tighten up some mapping of the cemetery. He said new lots will soon be open for purchase near the First Street entry to the city cemetery.

• City Engineer Larry Stevens said they will be ready to proceed with bid-letting in May for the Airport Road/Lincoln Highway land expansion project. He was asked about the time line for that project, and responded that it will likely be late summer (August/September) before the major work takes place. He was asked if the road will be closed during the project, and he said they will have to close it for certain surface work during the project, but will probably keep it open at times. A reminder — this upcoming project will greatly improve the intersection at Airport Road and Lincoln Highway on the west side of Nevada, and will include putting in more lanes for vehicles that are turning onto Airport Road. Stevens also noted that they will be sure the contractor knows that the road needs to be open when RAGBRAI comes through in late July.