During the Colo City Council meeting Monday, members discussed renovation, as well as rates for renting Colo’s Community buildings. These buildings include the Community Center adjacent to the library on Main Street, the shelter located in the city park on Bailey Street, and the shelter at Carmody Park on the west side of town. The council approved rents of $25 for Carmody Park and $50 for the other buildings. Anything booked going forward will reflect these rates.

The council also discussed RAGBRAI coming through Colo on Wednesday, July 25. (The entire event will be held across the state July 22-28). Riders’ overnight stop will be in Ames on July 24, so riders are expected to come on Lincoln Highway (Old 30) and support vehicles will come through on new U.S. Highway 30. Activities in the city will be required to not extend past 8 p.m. as event organizers want to encourage riders to move east along the route. Two representatives from the community will be required to attend a meeting about RAGBRAI in Ames on April 7. If you are interested in serving as a chairperson for a RAGBRAI committee in Colo, contact City Clerk Amy Kohlwes at 641-377-2238.

The council also approved a bid from Central States Roofing to repair the roof, as well as add 1.5-inch layer of insulation, on Main Street’s Community Center/Library, at an estimated cost of $32,000.

Dennis Clatt of the Colo Fire Department informed the council that the department is in the process of moving ahead on upgrading its radio equipment. At a previous meeting, the department expressed concerns with their current communications not working to contact volunteers if they happened to be outside Colo when an emergency is reported.

Librarian Joanie Jamison gave a rundown of all the recent activities at the Colo Library. A spelling bee for first through third graders, originally scheduled for a day when school was dismissed early, will now be held Thursday. Jamison also mentioned that four Colo-NESCO speech students will be at the library at 10 a.m. Friday morning for the library’s monthly Coffee and Conversation series. The newest version of the movie “Jumanji” will be shown on Friday, March 30 at 2 p.m. when school is not in session (the movie is rated PG 13; children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult). On the following Saturday, Easter activities will also be held, with an Easter Egg Hunt organized by the library and the fire department, and a pancake breakfast at the fire station. Proceeds from both will go toward the Colo-NESCO Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The council also approved a hearing for the sale of Lots 7 and 8 of the Colo Business Park on West Street on April 2 at 7:15 p.m., and the Ostrem-Scott Addition (Park between Fourth and Fifth Streets) re-platted for the city. A budget meeting will be held Monday, March 12 at 7 p.m. at Colo City Hall.