In a brief meeting Monday, the Nevada City Council voted to notify Story County Medical Center that the city of Nevada declines the first right to purchase the wind turbine that sits on the water treatment plan property. The city furthermore gave notice that the turbine be removed in six months. The hospital has stated its intent to sell the wind turbine, which was erected back in mid-1990s.

On Monday, the City Council also heard from City Administrator Matt Mardesen that he’s been working to get estimates on new flat screens for the council chambers. The monitors there now were the biggest available when the building was built, but aren’t easy to see voting results on. Mardesen said he’s also working to fix the interference often experienced in the sound system in the council chambers, and is getting estimates on what it would cost for equipment to live-stream the meetings online.

Mardesen also noted that he’s been involved with the Nevada Economic Development Council’s evaluation of LaVon Schiltz’ replacement. Schiltz, the director of the NEDC, plans to retire this spring.