A discussion about the wind turbine that sits just north of Highway 30 on the City of Nevada’s water treatment facility property will take place at this Monday’s Nevada City Council meeting.

As shared in the council packet, the history of the wind turbine goes back to September of 1994, when the City of Nevada and Story County Hospital entered into an agreement about constructing a wind turbine on the current wastewater treatment facility property. The wind turbine would be the property and responsibility of the hospital, with the option for the city to purchase electricity for the wastewater treatment facility.

This January, Matt Riese, senior director of operations with Story County Medical Center (SCMC), met with Nevada City Administrator Matt Mardesen to discuss plans for the turbine.

Mardesen sent an email to the mayor and city council on Jan. 29, outlining the meeting and the fact that SCMC does not want to continue to own the wind turbine. If the city does not have an interest in the turbine, the hospital plans to sell it to a company that would remove and relocate the wind turbine to another site, Mardesen reported.

By resolution, the City of Nevada has the first right to purchase the wind turbine, which is in need of repairs.

Mardesen said the council faces three options:

1) To notify SCMC that the City of Nevada declines the first right to purchase … and give notice to repair or replace or remove the turbine within six months from the date of the notice.

2) To notify SCMC that the City of Nevada declines first right to purchase the wind turbine.

3) To evaluate and consider the cost of pursuing ownership of the turbine.

After discussions with city department heads, Mardesen said the city administration doesn’t believe there would be a return on the city’s investment into the wind turbine. Administration recommends removal of the turbine if the hospital is no longer going to own it.

This is one discussion that will take place at Monday’s upcoming City Council meeting in Nevada. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.