The Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) awarded the Story County Pork Producers for the best pork promotion by a county pork organization in 2017.

IPPA presented the Best County Promotion Program Award to the Story County group during the IPPA Annual Meeting luncheon in Des Moines on Jan. 23.

The winning program was a promotion the Story County producers did with Paddy’s Pub during Iowa State football games in Ames last fall. The Story County pork organization supplied bacon and sausage for game day meals and other items that were distributed to football fans. The promotion reached approximately 1,500 people and included a great social media campaign.

“Promoting and educating consumers about pork and the pork industry are of the utmost importance today,” said Ken Ries of Ryan, chairman of the IPPA Promotions Committee. “County pork producer organizations play an important role in this effort.”

The Iowa Pork Producers Association annually recognizes county pork groups that have conducted successful pork promotions and educational programs during the previous calendar year and selects one county in each category for the award.

Also, the Story County Pork Producers Association has been recognized for the second consecutive year by the Iowa Pork Producers Association for its exceptional community involvement work.

The Story County Association was one of Iowa’s five best for 2017 activities, and county officials received the County Involvement Award during the IPPA Annual Meeting luncheon.

IPPA presented the Story County group with a certificate and $1,000. The county pork group is headed by President Dave Moody of Nevada.

Also, the Story County Pork Producers was one of the top five county associations in Iowa last year. The county placed ads in local newspapers, hosted farm tours, did charitable grillings, held a youth grilling contest at the county fair, supported a water quality promotion at Iowa State University, had partcipants at the IPPA Swine Spectacular at ISU and supported various IPPA projects. Several of the county’s members served on IPPA committees and boards. The county’s members also participate in various state and national programs.

“The Story County Pork Producers held some impressive events in 2017 and the recognition these producers received was well deserved,” said IPPA Producer Education Director Drew Mogler. Dave, his officers and producers in the county understand that the industry has to support its communities, tell the pork story and help develop future leaders.”

Twenty-nine county pork associations achieved a total of 2,000 points or more in the program and Story County was one of the most active in 2017, accumulating 14,350 points. Each county that earned 2,000 points received a $500 cash award from IPPA, with the top five counties earning $1,000 each.