If you have started to think about getting your flu shot you might want to hold off until potluck day, on the 14th, when Nucara will be there to dispense the flu medications. We have had them come on that date the last couple years and it seems to be the ideal time. I am planning to have them come by 10:45 so that several people will be able to get their shots before lunch. Even if you are not a regular at the Senior potluck you are welcome to stop by after 10:45 to get your shot. REMEMBER to bring your Medicare card with you.

Another reason to attend this month’s potluck is because the folks from Rolling Green and Indian Creek Care Centers are providing us with chicken that day. I recall, from last year, that it was delicious and we had plenty. That means the rest of us will be bringing salads, vegetable dishes and desserts this month.

If he can work it into his schedule, Lynn Lathrop will be stopping by to tell us why he has decided to run for Nevada’s next Mayor. I do know that he has attended nearly every city council meeting since moving to Nevada five years ago!