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At the Oct. 22 Nevada Kiwanis meeting, Connie Burtnett introduced, (from left) Chris Hinson, Meg Frideres and Debbie Haywood. The three of them gave a program on rescheduling that a committee of the school district is discussing. The school is exploring the possibility of year-round schooling with a balanced calendar. The three teachers were very careful to point out that is only being explored and that no decision has been made. The year-round schooling would still mean the same number of days, 180, since this is mandated by the State of Iowa. The 180 days would be spread out through the year with more breaks during the year, but a much shortened summer vacation. They explained that the shorter summer would help students with their retention of knowledge, that many now lose during the long summer break. Thanks, Chris, Meg, Debbie and Connie for a most interesting program.