At our last potluck we were honored to have Jan Monson’s daughter, Kathy Ayers, present our program about the problem of human trafficking in Cambodia. Kathy was sponsored by her church to travel with a group who had been working in this area for several years. Much of the problem of selling their children started after PolPot’s Khmer Rouge government killed nearly 1.5 million of the country’s educated and wealthy population in the late 1970s. This left Cambodia in extreme poverty causing people to take extreme measures to survive. Kathy mentioned that her group consisted of people from several different countries who have joined together to help re-educate the people and rescue their children. Kathy will soon be traveling to Houston for a conference about overcoming this problem in our country.

As we all know summer ends at Labor Day and activities start again quickly. That will happen at the Center on Friday, Sept. 7 when our Walk and Yoga classes will resume. This year’s schedule will be: “walk” at 8:30 and SOFT yoga at 9:15 on Fridays and “walk” at 8:30 and CHAIR yoga at 9:15 on Tuesdays. Please join us and let your friends know about these free classes. This schedule will be posted at the Center.

On Monday, Sept. 17, I will be showing the movie “The Book Club” during our regular 2 p.m. women’s coffee time. Watch for more details later.