We will be having our Spring waffle breakfast next Monday on the 16th. The committee will be ready to start serving by 8:00 and will be there until the last person is served. Our attendance has been down a little bit the last couple times so we are hoping for a beautiful morning for all of you to get out and enjoy breakfast.

On Wednesday, the 18th , we will be playing Hand and Foot cards in the afternoon. This is a game that can be learned quickly by most everyone, so if you haven’t ever played don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Our congregate meals are still being prepared for us by the cooks at the high school. If you are tired of cooking, like I am, why not join the group for lunch some days. The meals are delivered at 11:30 and each day has a variety of items including an entrée, vegetables, salad and sometimes a couple of fruits. Just call the Center, over the noon hour the day before you wish to eat, to make your reservation 382-1380. Where else can you get a complete meal for $4?