Nevada Rotary

President Jon Augustus called the Nevada Rotary meeting to order at Indian Creek Country Club on March 21, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer. Reports were given by Lynn Scarlett from the Chamber regarding the following events: the Nevada Chamber will be holding their Annual Golf Outing on June 8 at Indian Creek Country Club and there will be a special program,“In the Company of Women in Business and Leadership,” presented by Pat McGill on Friday, April 20. She also announced the Nevada Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts will be holding their annual food drive on Saturday, March 24; the Easter Bunny will be appearing at Rolling Green Village on Saturday, March 24, at 1 p.m., thanks to the Nevada Jaycees; and the Nevada Chamber will be hosting a Mix and Mingle on Thursday, March 29, at Indian Creek Country Club, from 5 to 6 p.m. Matt Mardesen provided the city report: the Recreation Center project will be moving forward, the Sixth Street Downtown project will be moving forward with a meeting with downtown businesses this summer and work on the baseball field at SCORE Park will begin this week or next. Marty Chitty gave a county report: there have been seven new home permits issued and he provided information about the Landus Elevator project. Logan Stufflebeam, a Nevada Junior Rotarian, shared school information: golf and soccer seasons have started, Nevada Honor Society inductions were held last night, Nevada boys’ track will have a meet this weekend in Johnston and there was a jazz concert last night. Emmi Miller announced today’s guest: Paul Ferrone from Ames Noon Rotary. Jon Augustus said the prayer and the club sang the Rotary Welcome Song.

Marty Chitty introduced today’s program, Lisa Markley, Story County deputy auditor, who presented “Where Do Your County Taxes Go?” to the club. Copies of the Fiscal Year 2019 budget and the FY19 Budget Presentation were handed out to club members. Questions followed Markley’s presentation.

Nevada Lions

The Nevada Lions met at Windsor Manor on Feb. 28, with President Jerry Radke calling the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. After dinner, Tail Twister Charlene Jarboe led us in singing a few songs, but they were highly undistingishable by listening to our singing so we gave up and thanked Marilyn for her noble effort to make us sound like singers. But the tail twister was a little more successful in extracting a few quarters from us, with some questions that we should have known but did not. She had our guest draw the fifty-fifty and once again the rich get richer.

President Jerry then asked Lion Sandy to introduce our program for the evening. She introduced retired ISU professor, Steve Jungst, who actually was involved in forestry most of his academic life, but his subject was on GPS. He talked about the very beginning of GPS and the basics of how it works. The real push to get GPS to a usable thing came about when the Russians launched Sputnik. He used some novel ways of showing how GPS was made practical through using satellites in a triangle. He did a very good job of explaining how it works, he emphasized how important it is to our everyday life and in agriculture and to the military. He said there are 24 sattelites being used now and that they are replaced every few years. We thanked Professor Jungst for his very interesting program.

A board meeting was held after our regular meeting, with the usual orders of business being taken care of and we then talked about a few things we have coming up. The first will be our pancake meal which will be held on April 21, from 8 a.m. to noon at Gates Hall. We also will be working at the ISU dining halls when they are hosts for The Oydesy of the Mind competition. If you are not signed up to help, please contact Jerry or Susan so the rosters can be filled.

Nevada Golden K Kiwanis

The Golden K Kiwanis meeting was called to order by Darrell Staley leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Following invocation, the club sang “America” and “This is My Father’s World.”

Our program was presented by Larry Sweeney, an AARP volunteer, titled “Things We Can Do For Staying In Your Own Home.” He handed members a HomeFit Guide book, which is a room-by-room Homefit Tour. It included entrances and exits, steps and stairways, kitchens, bathrooms and all other living areas. Lighting and eliminating trip hazards are key factors.

Barb Cockshoot won the 50/50 drawing. We are signing up for working and providing treats at Teen Maze. We will not be meeting April 3 due to Teen Maze.