Now that the severely cold weather has passed, we have had a few more folks signing up to eat congregate meals at the Center. We offer meals Tuesday through Friday at 11:30. The food is prepared at the high school cafeteria, where a volunteer picks them up and delivers them to the Center. The cost is $4 for a main dish, vegetable, salad or fruit, milk and occasionally a dessert item. Monthly menus are available at the Center. We would like to have 12-15 people eat each day, so I would encourage you to take advantage of this low cost, well-balanced meal. Call the Center by 11:30 the day BEFORE you wish to eat to make a reservation.

This Friday, the 26th at 1, would normally be our day to play 500 cards. We may still have a table of 500, but a group of us are going to try our hand at playing Euchre. I know that is a very popular card game for many “snow birds” who travel south in the winter, so it is time that we get it started up here. I think there may be a few differences in how it is played, so we will set our rules on Friday.

We are still abiding by the rule that if the Nevada Schools are closed, because of bad weather, the Center will also be closed that day. Because our yoga and walk classes are early in the morning, they cancel if school is delayed by two hours, but the Center may be open later in the day.