Thankfully it sounds like the weather will be better by next week for our potluck day. I have a very interesting and unusual program ready for you. Dick and Joan Couser’s son, Bill, will be telling us about his long-time interest, and close connections, with the Barnum & Bailey circus. When I talked with him he said, “Do you want me to talk about the museum, circus wagons, the times I got to help with the elephants or what?” My response was, “Just tell us about how you first became interested and your most memorable experiences.” Because of Bill’s excitement about this topic, I can hardly wait for next Monday to come.

I don’t know if I can top that on Wednesday for our movie day, but I will try. Right now I’m planning to show “Eddie the Eagle,” which is a high-flying, feel-good story inspired by true events. Eddie the eagle was an unlikely but courageous British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself-even though no one else did. With the help of his coach, played by Hugh Jackman, the loveable underdog makes an unforgettable showing in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

That’s the movie I have ready for the 10th, but I may just check with our library and see if they have any movies about circus history so we could continue with that theme. Stay tuned — I’ll let you know on Monday.