The final voter turnout for Story County was 61.5 percent for the 2018 mid-term elections. This is the highest reported voter turnout for the gubernatorial election for the past mid-term elections.

The last time Story County reported a voter turnout of 60 percent or higher for the gubernatorial race was in 1982 with a total of 64.70 percent.

The county’s auditor’s office reported that 51.07 percent voter turnout in 2014 and 50.93 percent in 2010.

The final tally for ballots cast Tuesday was 42,757 and a total of 69,525 for registered voters.

According to Story County Auditor Lucy Martin, the delay in result reports this year occurred due to one precinct having so many voters that were still in line to cast their ballot after 9 p.m.

She said that precinct reported their last vote after 11 p.m.

According to the county auditor’s election result page, precinct Ames 4-1 was the only precinct of 43 that was not reported as of 12:11 a.m.

Ames 4-1 precinct is located in Buchanan Hall on Iowa State’s campus. The location was filled with students for most of the day, waiting to vote.

Martin said the line in Buchanan Hall, averaging to about 140 students at a time, was so long due to many voters registering on Election Day.

Having that many people wanting to vote and register at the same time takes four to five times longer to process, Martin said.