A group of people who make up Team Walkin’ for Mom has been busy getting the word out that they will be part of the fun and fundraising that will happen at a bar in Cambridge.

It’s the seventh annual Meat and Cheese Palooza, and it will be held at the Tattered Toad on Cambridge’s Main Street this Saturday, Sept. 29, from 3-6 p.m.

This event actually started when the Cambridge bar was owned by DeYoung family. Michelle DeYoung said they had seen this type of activity in northern Wisconsin.

“We thought the idea was a great opportunity to raise some money for local groups,” she said. Groups that have raised money through the Cambridge Meat and Cheese Paloozas through the years include Alzheimer’s Association (which is the group Team Walkin’ for Mom represents), Cambridge Little League, ABATE, Breast Cancer Awareness, Freedom Flight and also local groups who buy food for families at Thanksgiving.

A palooza, as DeYoung explains, involves a wheel that is numbered from 1 to 40 and then hung up on a wall. “There were 40 plastic spoons, numbered 1 to 40, that would be sold for $1 each or other amounts for bigger prizes. Once all of the spoons were sold, we would spin the wheel four different times. The first number that came up would win a package of meat from the meat locker in Maxwell. The second number would win fresh cheese that we had shipped overnight from Wisconsin. The third number would receive some type of fun gift that we would get from either one of our beer companies or from our liquor rep. The gifts could range from T-shirts to keychains, hats, sweatshirts or even bigger items like a barbecue grill or a bar sign.”

All the profits from the spoon sales went to whatever group they were fundraising for, she said.

When the DeYoungs sold the bar, which they called Water Street Bar & Grill, to its current owner, Dan Price, who named it the Tattered Toad, they told him about the palooza and how much the community enjoyed coming together to support different groups in this way. “We were happy that Dan agreed that the paloozas were a great event to continue,” DeYoung said.

“Being able to see a small town affect so many people,” Price said, is why he wanted to continue the event. “I’m proud of the people who show up and support the charities we engage. It’s nice to see the good in people when there’s so much bad in the news.”

This will be Price’s second palooza as the bar’s owner, and he said several people have or would be helping him this week to prepare for the event. “But it’s not really work if you believe in what you are doing it for,” he said.

One of the lucky groups, who publicizes heavily to draw others to the event, is Team Walkin’ for Mom, based out of Nevada. Leora Darrah-Jarnagin is the team captain, and the team was named after her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Over the years, Darrah-Jarnagin and her team of family and friends have raised significant amounts of money for Alzheimer’s research through many events that go on throughout the year.

Locals, by now, are usually aware of some of the big fundraisers that Team Walkin’ for Mom has accomplished, like the annual golf outing, Swinging Clubs FORE a Cure that is held the second Saturday in July at Colo’s Twin Anchors club; the annual Chili Cookoff and a letter written by team member Dani Dunham, that asks for donations. Past fundraisers have included band and silent auction events; volleyball tournaments; Facebook fundraisers and social media requests; flamingo flockings, a fun pay to play event where people’s yards were invaded; dinners and meals; garage sales; wine and chocolate tastings; a gala; and hypnotists and other shows. The group continues to take every opportunity they can to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Lately, Team Walkin’ for Mom members — Darrah-Jarnagin, Dunham, Teresa Moon, Maddie Dunham, Jennifer Miller, Julie Oxley, D.J. Dunham, Carla Darrah, Josh Darrah, Debbie Hinrichs, Shelly Witt, Kenna Marple, Beth Isvik, McKenzie Marsh and Teri Dobbs — have been promoting this weekend’s big event in Cambridge.

If you’ve never been to a Meat and Cheese Palooza, this is your opportunity to do so. You can enjoy a beverage, visit with old friends or maybe make new friends and all the while, support this year’s great local causes. And best of all — who knows — you might even win something!