To the editor:

I too am very disgusted with the Story County Board of Supervisors happenings lately, but mostly disgusted with Lauris Olson herself, and even more disgusted by the desperate attempts of a few to slander Mr. Sanders and Mr. Chitty instead of recognizing the real problem.

Story County as a whole has never been managed better than it has in recent years, in my opinion. The leadership of Rick, Marty and Wayne Clinton has brought many benefits to the county. Such benefits include, but are by far not limited to, a well-balanced budget, extremely low unemployment rate, as well as a Board of Supervisors that functions efficiently and effectively.

Now enter Ms. Olson. Lauris has continuously proved her incompetence for the job at hand, not being able to follow directions, going against the best legal interest of the county and the list goes on. If there is “political gamesmanship” going on, as it has been suggested, it’s no doubt on the part of Lauris for her own personal gain and agenda. To suggest that Rick is “harassing and bullying Olson” is a pretty desperate attempt to slander the good work that he has done over the years.

Even more sickening is suggesting that Rick, Marty, or even Jessica Reynolds, have issues with the fact that Lauris is a female. Couple that with accusations of any of them “being threatened by a woman” and you get an incompetent individual who has no clue how a Board of Supervisors functions, much like Lauris. It would seem the only thing she has accomplished in her short time as a supervisor is to put herself, and the county, in situations dire enough to talk of the word “lawsuit.”

I cannot applaud Rick Sanders enough for keeping a level head and keeping the county’s best interest in mind at all times. Rick is an outstanding leader, and I hope to see him continue his good work and good ethics far into the future for the good of Story County.

Tim R. Hadley