The members of Mary Nevada Questers #955 chapter are donating funds to the Nevada Historical Society in the amount of $2,000. The Quester’s funds were obtained through donated jewelry items in support of our group’s fundraising project, a vintage jewelry sale.

We are pleased that our donation will "double" itself with the Tope Foundation matching funds. The Tope Foundation funds will be available to the Nevada Historical Society through mid June 2014. The opportunity given to the historical society for these matching funds is truly a gift for the community. We challenge our community to step up and support the historical society with your donation.

Mary Nevada Questers chapter has helped with restoration work on both the Evergreen Lane property and the Dyer-Dowell Historical home, local home tours and community projects for fundraising. The community is fortunate to have several historical buildings and properties that will preserve and document the history of Nevada.

The Questers organization is an international study club, which was founded in 1944 by Mrs. William George Bardens. It’s major objectives are to stimulate an appreciation of antiques, their collection, and restoration of existing historical landmarks.

The Mary Nevada Questers group would welcome any new members interested in antiques, history, preservation and restoration. Call President Bev Sorem at 382-2180.

Make your donations "double" for the historical preservation and restoration of your community. We all want to see the past preserved for the future generations.