The city, Nevada Economic Development Council (NEDC) and Nevada Community School District (NCSD) have formed a committee to assess the community child care desires. The results of the survey were to be used to educate area developers and spark discussions about potential incentives to builders, investors and area child care center owners.

NEDC identified child care as a need through employer interviews throughout the city. One of the city’s and NCSD’s goals is to plan for future growth.

So, the team launched a child care survey on all three entities’ websites in December. The public had six weeks to return the survey or take a few moments to complete it online. The committee hoped the survey would tell what the market is doing/wanting and perhaps help create options.

One hundred and twenty-six surveys were completed and the results indicated that 92 percent of those surveyed believe there is a need for a state-licensed child care center in Nevada.

The committee sent out 16 developer packets to local and area child care facilities, which included a Guide to Nevada, 2010 census information, the Story County Labor shed analysis, an NEDC brochure, local banking information, a potential lots-for-development map and a copy of the child care survey results.

According to Mayor Lynn Lathrop, "The committee now has an advisory committee formed, including two local business owners, a banker, a city representative and a Story County Medical Center representative. If inquiries come in response to the packets that were sent out, NEDC will refer them to this group for a meeting," he added.

"It would be great to have these options available for our residents and to see something built or opened in an existing space by the end of the year," added Al Kockler, chairman of the Child Care Committee.

For more information, please contact City Administrator Elizabeth Hansen at 382-5466.