The Colo-Nesco football team had four players chosen to the 8-man District 6 all-district football team in 2013.

The Royals’ Taylor Hill and Casy Angell – both seniors – were named to the 8-man District 6 first team. They were joined by: District champion Adair-Casey’s Clayton Plowman, Traeton Jensen, Chris Draman and Emmitt Wheatley; Murray’s Andrew Rider, Sam Rockhold, George Barber and Seth Nerness; Lamoni’s Daniel Ansong, Colton Ranney and Caleb Heltenberg; Grandview Park Baptist’s Connor Arrasmith and Nate Davidson, Mormon Trail’s Kelton Stansbery and Jake Horton, East Union’s Trevor Barnett and Mike Ward, and Ankeny Christian Academy’s Garrett Shanks.

Hill ran for 1,009 yards and 10 touchdowns on 167 carries and he completed 20 of 53 passes for 227 yards with three touchdowns and interceptions apiece in district play. Angell made 41 tackles, nine tackles for loss, four sacks against and one fumble recovery district competition.

Senior Evan Webb was named to the all-8-man District 6 second team for Colo-Nesco. Webb had 42 tackles and two fumble recoveries in district play.

Alex Griffin was named 8-man District 6 honorable mention. Despite missing several games due to injury, Griffin totaled 12 tackles and a fumble recovery on defense and added 118 yards and three touchdowns rushing against district competition as a senior.

Adair-Casey’s Clayton Plowman was named 8-man District 6 Offensive Player of the Year and the Bombers’ Chris Draman was tabbed as the Lineman of the Year. Murray senior George Barber earned the Defensive Player of the Year honors in the district and the Mustangs’ Andrew Rider was named Special teams Player of the Year.

All-8-man District 6 teams

First team: Clayton Plowman (Sr.), Adair-Casey; Traeton Jensen (Sr.), Adair-Casey; Chris Draman (Sr.), Adair-Casey; Emmitt Wheatley (Jr.), Adair-Casey; Andrew Rider (Sr.), Murray; Sam Rockhold (Sr.), Murray; George Barber (Sr.), Murray; Seth Nerness (Jr.), Murray; Daniel Ansong (Sr.), Lamoni; Colton Ranney (Jr.), Lamoni; Caleb Heltenberg (Sr.), Lamoni; Connor Arrasmith (Sr.), Grandview Park Baptist; Nate Davison (Sr.), Grandview Park Baptist; Kelton Stansbery (Sr.), Mormon Trail; Jake Horton (Jr.), Mormon Trail; Taylor Hill (Sr.), Colo-Nesco; Casy Angell (Sr.), Colo-Nesco; Mike Ward (So.), East Union; Trevor Barnett (Sr.), East Union; Garrett Shanks (Sr.), Ankeny Christian Academy.

Second team: Logan Dinkla (Sr.), Adair-Casey; Brad Patterson (Sr.), Adair-Casey; Cole Reha (Jr.), Adair-Casey; Charlie Terry (Jr.), Adair-Casey; Scott Funke (Jr.), Murray; Ben Rockhold (Jr.), Murray; Matt Barnes (Jr.), Murray; Gable Galusha (Sr.), Lamoni; Danny Savage (Sr.), Lamoni; Jacob Williams (Sr.), Lamoni; Ben Thompson (Jr.), Grandview Park Baptist; Noah Burt (So.), Grandview Park Baptist; Andrew Reed (So.), Mormon Trail; Brett Leer (So.), Mormon Trail; Evan Webb (Sr.), Colo-Nesco; Brandon Wittstock (Jr.), East Union.

Honorable mention: James Grubbs (Sr.), Adair-Casey; Dylan Callstrom (So.), Murray; Beau Bjorland (Sr.), Lamoni; Ryan Flanders (Sr.) Grandview Park Baptist; Joe Minnick (Sr.), Mormon Trail; Alex Griffin (Sr.), Colo-Nesco; Cole Campbell (Jr.), East Union; Tyler Ludwig (Jr.), Ankeny Christian Academy.

Defensive Player of the Year: George Barber (Sr.), Murray.

Offensive Player of the Year: Clayton Plowman (Sr.), Adair-Casey.

Special teams Player of the Year: Andrew Rider (Sr.), Murray.

Lineman of the Year: Chris Draman (Sr.), Adair-Casey.

Final 8-man District 6 standings

Adair-Casey 7-0

Murray 6-1

Lamoni 5-2

GPB 3-4

Mormon Trail 3-4

Colo-Nesco 2-5

East Union 2-5

ACA 0-7