To the editor:

Would you believe that over 10 percent of the population of Nevada participated in Faith Church’s Live Nativity event back in December?

We again want to thank everyone who planned, financed, furnished programs, loaned livestock, sewed costumes, hauled straw, pounded nails, grew beards, erected tarps, taped candy canes, chased AWOL sheep until almost midnight, herded camels, published press releases, kept luminaries lit in gale force winds and nearly froze to death. Without you, plus well over 700 people who patiently lined up clear around into the Fareway parking lot and waited in their cars to drive through the series of biblical scenes, we could not have had a successful event that touched so many people with our portrayal of the Christmas message.

We are a small congregation of fewer than 50 people, who had a grand idea and the collective energy to make it happen. We believe that anything can be done when families, especially church families, are cohesive and have clear goals.

Jim Axline, Elder

Family of Faith Church, Nevada