To the editor:

The jarring suddenness of Carrol "TJ" Tjelmand’s death earlier this month got to me. We’d see him twice a day for twenty years of delivery and shipping, Monday thru Friday, as our UPS driver at Block Party Studios. I visited with Carrol at Fareway here in Nevada only two days before he died. He was the happiest I’ve seen him since his retirement party four years ago. I held him in joy.

Jeanne in 2011. Carrol’s wife Karen in 2012. Carrol in 2013. Their deaths put every day in perspective for me as does the deaths of loved one who have preceded and will succeed them.

I am not morose. But I do feel moments of sadness at times. Like stumbling across the attached photo of Carrol, Karen, Jeanne, and me or when the "Canticle of the Turning" was sung at worship this past Sunday, the last hymn sung at Jeanne’s funeral.

What I do with my sadness dispels it. Acknowledgement, prayer, feeding the hungry and embracing the now with my dear bride Judy "wipes away all tears" as the song goes.

Mike Coverdale