Mr. Critser, first off, congratulations on your freelance column. It appears to be a 750-word count. A piece of constructive criticism. At this length, lay off the first-person narratives. It is a sign of weak writing and you can do better. The occasional reminiscent piece by columnists are expected but not a steady diet. Your writings and style show promise; the best of luck to you in your craftsmanship and endeavors.

Next. Letter writers in support of The Hawk Eye’s focus on local news. These letters are submitted from the vantage of what they want to see in our local publication. Doesn’t a paper belong to the community of its collective readership? Shouldn’t our concerns be on how the publication can best serve the well-being of the entire community?

We tend to focus too much on me, myself and I. Once again, we as a group should think in terms of balance, not self-interest.

Anthony J. Gerst, Wapello