To the editor:

Dane Nealson is a man of great character – I know this firsthand because he is my husband. I am writing to give those that don’t know Dane a glimpse into the type of man he is, and why he is well-suited to be a Nevada City Councilman in Ward 4.

Dane has a natural way of connecting with people. If you have met him, you will know that he is comfortable talking to anyone, regardless of background, age or any other diversifying factors. I often look forward to visiting with him after door-knocking, as it has been exciting to hear of the connections and great conversations he is having with Nevada residents. I know Dane will work diligently to bridge the communication gap between the citizens of Nevada and the city council.

Dane has always been a strong leader, a go-getter, and a problem-solver. He doesn’t often talk about his past campaign and volunteer experiences as he doesn’t want to boast, but he is exceptionally qualified to serve the city of Nevada. As a political science graduate from Iowa State University, he has an in-depth knowledge on government processes and procedures.

Dane is very passionate in everything he does. He is passionate about life, his endeavors and he is also passionate about the betterment of Nevada. We, as a family, love Nevada and are fully committed to investing our time and talents into this community.

Please join me in voting for Dane Nealson on Nov. 7.

Monica Nealson