To the editor:

Citizens of Ward 4, I am writing to encourage you to vote for Dane Nealson as your Nevada City Council representative. I have known Dane in several capacities – as a friend, professional and church member – and am impressed with his passion for Nevada’s future and desire to steward our resources well. In a time when politics can be quite a divisive topic of conversation, Dane’s no-party affiliation speaks towards his willingness to listen to the interests of all stakeholders and make decisions from an objective point of view. This is a character trait that is especially needed on a local level where the impact of decisions is greatest. It is important that they are made in the best interest of our community.

With so many big decisions facing our City Council right now – infrastructure upgrades, potential changes to U.S. Highway 30 and the Vision 2020 Capstone project – we need representatives that understand the impact of their decisions and put our community in a spot to be successful. I believe Dane Nealson will do a tremendous job leading our community into the future and managing our resources well. Please vote for Dane Nealson for Nevada City Council’s representative from Ward 4.

Scott Henry